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Torrance. My old friend…Where do I begin?!
It’s a large part of South Bay spreading out from Pacific Coast Hwy, Walteria and Hollywood Rivera on south, all the way up to Artesia Blvd on north and west of Western Ave on east. I can talk hours about this neighborhood which is broad and diverse yet has so much to offer to any budget or interest. Real estate here is generally less expensive here than in Palos Verdes or Beach Cities and this affordability advantage makes this area super popular and attractive for variety of investments. You’ve got the same great weather, proximity to good schools, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, businesses, major transportation you just pay less – smiles. There are quite a few different parts of Torrance you should know about.

South Torrance. Nice and rather upscale area neighboring Palos Verdes Hill on south and Redondo Beach on west. Beautiful streets with mature trees, great schools and closest to the beach this neighborhood attracts lots of families and professionals. You’ve got ton of shopping going on here with great stores and restaurants. Torrance airport is just next door along PCH and across the street from Costco. You are in middle of the action yet in suburban area with quiet streets and family oriented crowd. Here you find neighborhood called Christmas Lights Streets where residents created and have been maintaining a lovely tradition to decorate trees and frontages of their homes during holiday season. It became sort of landmark for these couple of blocks and favorite place to stroll the streets and enjoy stunning lighted and beautifully decorated streets.
Here you also have Torrance’s section of Hollywood Riviera, fancy name but have no idea where it came from…Once you head north you are approaching areas of West Torrance, also very popular due to proximity to the beach, shopping and schools. By the way Torrance has great school district that sometime allows students’ transfer between schools unlike most of the local districts.

Central Torrance. Large area with ton of things to do. It is Torrance’s business district. You will find city hall, Torrance library, court house, hospitals, Del Amo mall and much more. And it’s all in the middle of nice residential neighborhoods. Here you also discover loveliest streets of Old Torrance with abundance of fine restaurants, bars, street walks and shopping. Prices are here more affordable than in south or west parts of the city so take advantage of it! Once you are headed north you get to:

North Torrance, located approximately north of Torrance Blvd and west of Western. This area is closest to industrial zoned neighborhoods. You should expect more traffic and air congestion. Out of all Torrance it would be the least expensive in terms of buying real estate. Homes here are traditionally on smaller side and oriented on middle and lower middle class families.

Torrance PO. Area just east of Western Ave and west of 110 freeway known as Harbor Gateway and County Strip. Don’t let the name full you though. You get Torrance address but you are not really in Torrance. It’s under LAUSD, LAPD and other LA city services. It is thought that the area is still rather rough due to gang activity, etc. Even though it’s getting better, make sure to drive by and see the neighborhoods before you start thinking about investing there.