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Rolling Hills Estates. Unique and such diverse city. Once you know it better, you’d unconditionally fall in love with it like I did many years ago. There is little of pretty much everything here. Peninsula Center, the heart of the Hill where most of businesses are situated. Upscale restaurants, trendy outdoor shopping Center at the Avenues, fine dining, wonderful Peninsula library, ice-skating ring, very own and much loved Norris Theater, loveliest Botanical Gardens, horse riding rings, spectacular golf and tennis clubs and much more. There is a broad mixture of homes and real estate values here as well. You could find a nice starter home here along Silver Spur Rd and around Kramer’s Club. Neighboring with beautiful custom villas with gated access like at the Ranch and Country Lane. Or traditional ranch homes with horse facilities along Palos Verdes Dr. North with charming rural feel, miles of horse trails and ….peacocks. Consider last ones as extra bonus for the area and some sort of landmark for Rolling Hills Estates. They somehow got into PV area in early 1920th and since then have been pleasantly looking but not so much pleasantly sounding or behaving residents on the Peninsula.
Rolling Hills Estates started as a rural ranch area back in 1920th and over time has become prestigious and upscale neighborhood with traditionally solid resale values. Investments here have been considered safe due to proximity to Torrance and Beach Cities and uniqueness of land use which in most parts is rather general in comparison to rest of PV lots and equestrian zoned. Horses along with peacocks is another distinguished feature of this area. Equestrians here are a very special community with its own internal code of conduct and traditions. It’s fun to see horses and riders showing off all dressed up for Halloween parade. Seahorse Riding Club is great boarding facility to accommodate your horse with upmost care and reasonable cost.
Either you are visiting or thinking about buying a property in Rolling Hills Estates, you’ll find this place as beautiful surrounding, friendly people, excellent schools, ton of activities and fabulous and such unique mixture of modern and traditional. Welcome!