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Palos Verdes Estates:

One of the most prestigious and desirable cities in costal So Cal to live. One of the wealthiest ones too. Some of my clients who live in PV Estates have joked that once people know where you live, the next question is what “do you do?”. Sounds like a powerful statement to me. This area has amazing history and traditions. That’s where active development of the “Palos Verdes Project” has began in early 1920th. Enjoy pleasant all year round weather, great schools, stable real estate values and nice friendly community at the fullest.

Malaga Cove: Once you enter Palos Verdes Estates from south of Redondo Beach, you will see charming Malaga Cove Plaza with The King Neptune Fountain and couple of cozy restaurants, cute shops, City Hall, Police and Fire stations. You also will enjoy driving by Malaga Cove Library, the oldest one out of three on the Peninsula, Palos Verdes Beach and Athletic Club along with historical La Venta Inn. BTW be aware of certain architectural standards and restrictions of Art Jury run by PV Homes Association. Malaga Cove Plaza is pride of local residents, considered to be a landmark of this area and the door to Lower and Upper Malaga Cove neighborhoods, sophisticated and quite expensive area with Mediterranean flavor and magnificent ocean, coastline, Beach Cities and LA Bay views.

Lunada Bay: Once you continue your drive on PV Drive West towards Hawthorne Blvd, you’ll be entering another magnificent area of Upper and Lower Lunada Bays with beautiful fountain in middle of Lunada Bay Plaza and Lunada Bay Park where you’d enjoy open-air summer concerts. It is mostly residential, quiet and charming neighborhood that combines variety of home values, tranquil environment, things to do and of course charm of “old-world” traditional living that organically mixes up with up-bit of enthusiastic style of young families. By the way (and it applies to all of the Peninsula) schools in Palos Verdes sell homes and maintain property values stronger than any bank. Have you heard expression “PV Moms”? Welcome to the place where smart, ambitious, educated, good-looking AND nice women run the show.

Valmonte: Beautiful, settled, mature-tree streets and tranquility are distinguishing parts of this very special area of Palos Verdes Estates. I’ve seen friends and clients over the years being dedicated and committed fans and residents of Valmonte. Once you settle here, it’s hard to leave. There is a spirit of amazing stability, pride and cute family traditions in this area. Once you’re browsed by serene streets north off Palos Verdes Drive North and if you turn on Via Campesina, you most likely will enjoy the view of amazing Palos Verdes Golf Club that offers abundance of spectacular views of Pacific Ocean and endless serenity.

Montemalaga: Once you’re here it’s hard to leave this place. Located at the very top of PV Hill Picturesque streets with strong Spanish influence, red tile roofs, mature trees, quiet streets. That’s Motemalaga in all its beauty and pride. Despite you find a very consistent crowd in PV, variety of home and prices here are rather broad. Nice starter homes are neighboring with most expensive spectacular villas overlooking entire Pacific and famous Queen Necklace View. I can go on and on about the beauty and special sprit of this area so if you’d like to talk more, just call me!